Professional Value Engineering (VE) Solutions

VM Services provides a range of Value Engineering/Management related services to our clients, both in South Africa and internationally. Having facilitated hundreds of workshops and trained thousands of decision makers in the process of Value Engineering, VM Services has helped our clients achieve more success than they had previously known through the effective application of Value Engineering.

Value Engineering/Management Training

Our four core training courses are:

  • SAVE Module 1 & 2
  • Value Engineering and Value Analysis
  • Value Engineering in Projects
  • Innovative Decision Thinking (IDT) through Value Management.

Our in-house courses are customized from these four core programmes to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Do you or your staff need training in the best methods to EARN the most value from every project? Apply for our Value Engineering/Management training service today.

Workshop Facilitation

We will facilitate the Value Engineering decision making process on any project, product, programme, procedure or strategy using Value Engineering techniques and methodologies.

Interested in our project risk workshop facilitation services to define risk areas as well as list and rate risks to address mitigation and resulting action plan? Apply now.

Value Engineering Consultation

Consulting with clients in the public and private sectors, we specialise in the introduction of practical innovation to all forms of problem solving and decision making.

We can assist in every organizational aspect, from Projects, Operations, through to Product and Process design.

To arrange a Value Engineering consultation, complete the form on our consulting page.

Bringing You Value Creation

For more information on VM Services providing your company with the benefits of Value Engineering services, feel free to contact us.